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SMS maintains two distinct types of multimedia shops, our foundation shops and two on-site shops. The Foundation shops are full multimedium shops, including steel fabrication, non-ferrous foundry, machine shop, blacksmith shop, brass fabrication shop, wood and acrylic shop, textile and paper shop and computer lab. We stock ample materials for each of these disciplines, as well as for research and development in any of them. We stock and have developed good sources for the conservation-grade materials used in mountmaking.

Our On-site shops are streamlined versions of the Foundation shops, and are tooled to perform any task in the field except metal casting. If needed, the On-site shops draw more complex tooling and personnel from the Foundation shop. Each of these shops are packed into a truck. On site, we typically have a full and well organized multi-medium shop unpacked and up-and-running within two days of arrival.

Multi-Medium Craft Disciplines
The discipline of Mountmaking for Artifacts requires a knowledge of a number of different mediums, and application of a number of different technical skills and tools. For instance, a museum may be raising an exhibition that requires mounting an 800 lb meteorite, a Native American feather headdress, a thigh bone from a brontosaurus (6’ high), and a valuable Samauri sword. To make mounts for and install each of these objects in themselves, requires a panoply of multi-media fabrication skills. Multiply these tasks exponentially and you have a fair picture of the type of organization required to mount the artifacts in a museum.