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Bradley Sanders founded Sanders Design as a means for producing his personal artwork in 1971. He founded Sanders Design with a vision of a design and production shop which would help to sustain the fading crafts of custom metal work, woodwork and other various mediums. Sanders Museum Services was formed in 1981 to meet the needs of a changing exhibition style, and the growing concerns of the conservation community.

Bradley has operated a foundry and restoration business for over 30 years, serving artists, collectors, and museums. He is a skilled representational artist and sculptor, with 35 years of experience and training in multiple mediums, including ink on paper, cinematography, leather crafting, ceramics, brass, silver, copper, stone, enamel, glass, any variety of woods, plaster, wax, cabinet-making, bronze sculpture, mold making, textile, acrylic fabrication and steel fabrication.

Bradley has apprenticed in many mediums and is skilled and knowledgeable about most. He is skilled in carving, casting, melting, bronzing, brazing, welding, soldering, mixing, molding, and more. He has not only grasped and mastered most of these skills, but he continues to learn others.

He has stayed up to date with the latest technology and has incorporated these into daily routine. His desktop and his laptop are a daily necessity, along with the scanner, CD writer/re-writer drive, digital cameras, copier, printers, cellular phones, and fax machine. He has somehow combined the ancient arts with the futuristic world. Bradley has a gift of problem solving in intense and crucial situations. If a problem arises, he quickly and adeptly finds a solution to the challenge.

Bradley has experience working as a graphic artist, he taught silver and gold smithing for over 10 years, he worked as an Television Art Director, and has worked on documentaries and advertising spots. He also has broad organizational and management skills. He helped in the rise and operation of many arts projects, such as the Holistic Design Guild, the Zenith Gallery Complex, Forms in Space Gallery, and the Coterie Gallery.

Bradley has operated Sanders Museum Services with great success for 20 years. He has helped establish a sound management program and staff, an excellent credit position, and a superb reputation in the Museum and Fine Arts fields.

Bradley’s resume is essentially the resume of Sanders Musuem Services. Bradley has been involved in some way with every project in the history of Sanders Museum Services.



mCarol Sanders has been integral to Sanders Associates and its history. She has been a presiding factor in the well-being and success of the company. Carol has been keeping the books for Sanders Associates since its inception. She was also project manager for most of the museum projects from 1981 to 1997. She has over 30 years of experience in textile art and sewing. Carol has experience as a wood and metal finisher, as well as in sculpture and jewelry making.

Carol has been Project Manager on many large museum jobs including The Center for Food and Wine, The Jewish Heritage Museum, Mashantucket Pequot Museum, the IGFA World Fishing Museum and the Texas State History Museum. She has also served as Project Manager on several smaller museum projects and exhibits including The National Institutes of Health, The Wadsworth Athenaeum, Longwood Gardens, and Northern Indiana Historical Society.

Carol is also an experienced textile mount maker and artifact handler. She provided artifact conservation services for the Southwest Virginia Museum and textile mounts for the Black History Museum in Harpers Ferry, WV. She has made mounts and installed artifacts for many other clients including Gettysburg Battlefield Park, Antietam Visitors Center, The Martin Luther King Center for Non-violence and the Tennessee Aquarium.




sTara Sanders has worked full-time for Sanders Associates since 1997 and part-time since 1985. Her degree in Sports-Fitness Management and her Project Management background help motivate and manage the people of Sanders Associates.

Tara served as Project Manager for the International Spy Museum, the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, the Oklahoma Natural History Museum, the “200 Years of Childhood” exhibit at Winterthur Museum and Gardens, the “Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People” exhibit at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Lee Chapel at Washington & Lee College, Virginia Historical Society, and the University of Maryland School of Nursing Living History Museum She also co-managed the IGFA World Fishing Center and Mashantucket Pequot Museum projects with Carol Sanders. Most recently Tara’s project management extends to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, the Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit for the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis, MO, the Ziibiwing Cultural Center in Michigan, The National Museum of the American Indian for the Smithsonian Institution, and the Clinton Presidential Library for the National Archives.

Tara has made mounts and installed artifacts for several other projects including the Indiana State Museum, “Byzantine Pottery and Glass” exhibit for Dumbarton Oaks, Winterthur Museum and Gardens, IGFA, Virginia Historical Society, Lee Chapel, Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, and the Oregon Historical Museum.



nGreg joined Sanders Associates in 1997, after studying Art and Photography. He was co-manager of the hanging of lifesize fish models at the International Game Fishing Museum and was a team member in the installation of an ancient sarchophagus at Princeton University. He has been a mountmaker for the International Spy Museum, the Indiana State Museum, the American Center for Food and Wine, the Texas State History Museum, the Defense Logistic project, the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, the Vikings Smithsonian Exhibit, the University of Maryland School of Nursing Living History Museum, the “Ainu” exhibit, the Oklahoma Natural History Museum and for a private Amazonian feather collection in Washington, D.C.

Greg also managed and worked on the restoration of a previously fabricated group of cypress and brass poolside chairs, tables and lounge chairs. Greg was recently a lead mountmaker on the Missouri Historical Society’s Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit and has played and integral role in designing and fabricating mounts for the extensive beaded garment collection at the National Museum of the American Indian for the Smithsonian Institution. In 2004 he also worked on the Ziibiwing Cultural Center in Michigan, the Oregon Historical Museum, the Clinton Presidential Library, and the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.



qRose has over twelve years of museum textile experience beyond her sculpting and rendering, which began when she was a small child. She graduated with an English Major and an Art Minor. Rose is a textile handler, mountmaker, and mount finisher and fauxer. Rose worked the Texas State History Museum, the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Northern Indiana Historical Society Museum, the Ainu Exhibit at Smithsonian, the Pequot Museum, the Jewish Heritage Museum, and “Gifts of the Presidents”.

She most recently has been integral in projects such as the Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit, Ziibiwing Cultural Center, the Public Museum of Grand Rapids and the Clinton Presidential Library. She also has worked extensively with all of the National Museum of the American Indian Projects, including the new museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

the National Archives. Rose co-managed and fabricated all mounts for the NMAI Plains Indian Shirts exhibit.

Rose designed and fabricated mounts for the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum and the textile section of the Texas State History Museum and the Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit for the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis. Most recently Rose has co-managed work on the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution and has been significantly involved in the design and fabrication of the extensive Beaded Textile collection mounting.


Ben has committed to organizing and producing Sanders Museum Services’ entire line of cast bronze hardware, and has kept up with the ever-growing demand for our modular mounting hardware. Ben and his team produce several hundred high quality bronze fittings for us each week. With over five years experience in casting and bronze work, Ben has become an integral force in developing our mounting systems.

Other Associates/Contractors

Name Title Employed/ Contracted Since
Herb Flemming - 4th Generation Blacksmith /Metalworker 2000
George Sanders - Mount Maker 2000
Shane Reynolds - Mount Maker 2002
Kendra Colburn - Mount Maker 2004
Butch Sanders - Mountmaker 2004
Lucile Allen - Office Manager 2004
Chris Robinson - Mount Maker 2006
Candace Palmer - Mount Maker/Office Assistant/Web Manager 2007
Matt Gay - Mount Maker 2008